Happy Birthday!

Regular price $ 95.00

Price varies on location.  Contact us for an accurate quote!

Deck out your yard & celebrate your favorite people with our Happy Birthday signs! 

Customizable with name, numbers, & special symbols! Tell us a little bit about the birthday boy/girl & we will take it from there! 

Please contact us to verify your date is available prior to purchasing. 

We will deliver & set up the day/evening prior to your event. We will pickup the next afternoon/evening (approximately 20-24 hours later). 

Please be sure to remove all pet waste in the area the signs will be set up.  We are not responsible for any damage to your lawn by the stakes.  Please note, we will also have a small sign with our name/logo included with your rental. 

Cancellations will not be refunded unless canceled by 525designs, LLC.   We are able to reschedule for free if our schedule allows. We are unable to refund payments should we be restricted from setting up within a gated community, asked to leave by the homeowner, or prevented from entering the yard due to unsafe conditions.

We will do our very best to set up in all weather conditions. However, if it is unsafe to set up due to heavy storms, tornado, lightening, heavy snow/road conditions, or emergency conditions, we will contact you to discuss set up options. If weather prevents us being able to set up, a full refund will be given. If weather prevents normal pick up time, we will pick up the following day when conditions are safer. If it rains/snows while the sign is in your yard, we may wait til the following day to pick up to allow signs to dry. Thank you for understanding.  

When signs are rented we ask the following:

  • DO treat them with respect. We will set up and tear down. There is no reason you need to move them. (There will be a minimum $10 fee per letter/symbol for signs lost or damaged while in your possession.)

  • Do NOT attach anything to our signs (including string, streamers, balloons, etc.)

  • Keep dogs and children away from the signs for their safety and the protection of the signs. Please do not mow or have any landscaping done while the signs are in the yard. Grass clippings stain the letters. There will be a $40 cleaning charge for letters dirtied by mowing during installation.

  • If you are renting a sign as a surprise for someone, let someone in their household know we are coming so they are not startled by us setting up or tearing down in the evening. (Set up/tear down is between 4-9pm.)

  • DO take pictures of your sign and tag us on Facebook and Instagram! We love seeing smiling message recipients.